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Originally from France, Shaan now lives in New York, NY, after residency in Montreal, QC, and San Diego, CA. With a B.A. in Sociology, and a master in Communication (specializing in emotional and non-verbal communication), Shaan has always been passionate about human interactions.
Shaan is a globetrotter, always carrying her cameras to immortalize serendipitous situations. Capturing people's habits and emotions are her main interests, and even though she speaks 4 languages, she best expresses herself through images, whether they are still or moving (see demo reel).
Shaan experiments with a diversity of techniques to portray a story in the most authentic way. She believes that images have the strongest impact in communicating ideas and emotions across borders.
With an advertising agency background, Shaan co-founded WediaWix in 2011, a film production company that allows her to produce her own projects. In 2014, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, she shot and directed her first long feature documentary during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil (broadcasted on TV in France, Canada, and China). Since then, Shaan shot, directed and produced a variety of documentaries, including her latest one "New York Scherzo" currently in post-production.


In 2016, she wrote and directed her first short film entitled “Thin Lines” (35min) that tells the encounter between an aspiring singer and a Deaf man. Since then, Shaan has directed a few short films and music videos who won various festival awards and nominations.

Since 2016, Shaan works as a freelance director and line producer. She is mostly based in New York, but often travels between Paris and Los Angeles.