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Directors' reel

Feature Film:


DOVES IN THE WIND - TAKE 5.00_00_33_14.S

Music Videos:

Little Ears Collective

Little Li

When we reach the point where we understand that life is  an adventure , and realize that being free implies becoming responsible for one’s choices. When we are looking for the answers that will help build our lives, then we can start looking for our roots…
Elo’s story is universal...
Co-written and co-directed by Shaan Couture and Jonas Dinal. WATCH Directors'reel.
Genre: Drama
Current Stage: In development

Short Film:


Starring Yamee Couture and Adrien DeMones, Shaan shot and directed this short film in the country side of France and in New Jersey. "PAGES" definitely tackles in the surreal thriller genre. It's currently on the festival circuit (Midsummer Scream Fest, Roxy Underground FF, Detroit Shetown FF). WATCH trailer.
Genre: Surreal thriller (7min30)
Current Stage: On the festival circuit.
Shaan shot and directed a few cover and original songs with Little Ears Collective, a group of diverse musicians based in New York. Different collaboration existed to mix hip hop and blues artists with classical and jazz musicians.
Genre: Music videos
Watch: Online on Youtube

Short Film:

Call The Cobbs

Shaan directed this short film for the international contest called The Four Points Film Project which challenges filmmakers around the world to create a movie in less than 72hours. "CALL THE COBBS" was been selected part of the top 15 films, and is now on the festival circuit (NewFilmmakers New York, Boulevard FF)
Genre: Comedy (8min)
Current Stage: On the festival circuit

Short Film:

Quiet Mess

Short Film:

Thin Lines

Shot in April 2017 in Southern California, "Quiet Mess" is a fun story that makes a parallel between human heated emotions and global warming. This 9-min short film starring Andrew Delman and Yamee Couture is currently on the festival circuit.
Genre: Comedy
Release date: On festival circuit.


Shot in San Diego, CA, during the summer 2016, Shaan's first short film tells the story about an aspiring singer who finds comfort in the ear of a Deaf man. After learning sign language and collaborating with Deaf filmmakers, Shaan wrote and directed this story which is about our differences and the importance of communication. The film already won prizes ("Best cinematography" and "Best actress") Watch trailer.
WATCH: Available on Youtube here.
Awards: Best cinematography, Best actress, Best medium length film.

Docu Series:


Shaan shot and produced a documentary series as well as two music videos for the international label Universal Music France which follows CharlElie Couture in Louisiana in the making of his new album Lafayette.
Where: Shot in Southern Louisiana
WATCH: Online on Youtube here.




New York Scherzo

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 7.09.09 PM.png
New York Scherzo is a feature documentary that follows the lives of three diverse classically trained
musicians as they try to make it in New York City. They are passionate about their art but struggle to make a living and face a crossroads where they must decide if they can sustain a career doing what they love.
Where: Shot in New York
Current Stage: Editing locked down, and finishing the post. Release planned for Fall 2018.

Long Feature:

30 Years Outside

Shaan is currently writing a long feature script with CharlElie, her dad and notorious artist/writer since the 1980's. Aside from short films, Shaan is trying to direct her first long feature and is looking for writers and producers to get on board.
Where: In New York
Current Stage: Writing

TV Broadcast:

All Eyes on


Shaan is the director and executive producer of a long feature documentary shot in Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and broadcasted on L'Équipe 21 (French national TV channel) on September 29th, 2014. All Eyes on Brazil distribution is currently opened.
Release date: September 29th, 2014.
Where: TV: L'Équipe 21 (France), China, Online: internationally



Award Winning

A weekly calendar from January to December 2013 with photos Shaan took across the United States, from New York to California. ​
Published by Ludlow Street.
Release date: November 15th, 2012
Where: Hypermachés Carrefour in France


Photos for a

New York Guide

A guide to help new comers to accommodate to New York. I took some photos of the city for this guide.

Published by Acceuil New York.

Release date: 2011

Where: New York, NY


This photo was awarded at the 2012 SDSU International Photo Contest. I received the "Honorable Mention" for this picture called "Capoeria in Salvador, Brazil"

Where: San Diego, CA

When: October, 2012


Award Winning

Shaan took this photo looking down from the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and after some Photoshop manipulations, she submitted it to the inter-university photo contest "Vertigo" in Quebec. She won the prize "Visual Impact", and this photo was exhibited in 15 Canadian universities.
This photo was also published online on Libération
Where: UdeM, Montreal, Canada
When: March, 2007